Whether you’re planning transportation for a few VIPs or a tradeshow or convention of thousands, selecting the right logistics partner is paramount to the success of your program. While pre-planning your Bay Area program, here are important things to consider:

Managing SFO
If you are bringing in groups or people from out of town, efficiently and cost effectively managing your transportation needs at San Francisco International Airport can be challenging. In today’s heightened security environment, airport procedures change daily. The rules for greeting, white-zoning and courtyard pickups require professional services and assistance.

Bay Area Logistics
The ability to develop hourly timetables and drive plans and to consider the hillywindy San Francisco streets are the true signs of transportation professionals. Choosing a transportation partner whose services include signage, advanced dispatch methods, driver briefings and on-street supervision, will efforts to move your group though the city’s heavy traffic.

Bauer’s Transportation
BAUER’S WORLDWIDE INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION™ of San Francisco is the Bay Area’s leading service for chauffeured limos, luxury sedans, charter buses and other specialized vehicles. For over 20 years, Bauer’s has provided executive transportation for business travel and groups of all sizes. Bauer’s is also leading the GREEN INITIATIVE within the transportation industry as the world’s most ecofriendly, full-service transportation company. Bauer’s leads by example, providing green transportation solutions with state-of-the-art hybrid luxury vehicles, all Wi-Fi equipped, moving over 1,200 people a day. Of all miles driven by Bauer’s, over 96 percent are green miles.

Bauer’s Transportation Group Services
  • Professional Account Management Pre-Planning Services
  • On-site Dispatching and Supervision
  • Routing, Scheduling and Optimum Equipment Use
  • Unbeatable Shuttle Planning and Coordination
  • Dinner, Event and Entertainment Service
  • Airport Transfers
  • Airport Meet and Greet Services
  • Professional Baggage Handling Services
  • Step-on Guide Services
  • Exciting and Unique Tour Programs
  • Billing Reconciliation