Meeting & Event Services
Leaving a Lasting Impression
bam_srvics.jpgWhen choosing the right photography for event coverage, don’t forget the importance of options. It’s all in the details: on-site printing, photo-stations, green-screen backgrounds, frame folders with company logos, real-time image projection and themed online galleries. Jack Huynh, co-founder of Orange Photography shares, “One of our newer, and most popular services is real-time projection. People absolutely love the instant gratification of having their picture taken and seeing it displayed within seconds.” Remember, little touches like these really make the evening memorable.

Do you plan events happening at multiple locations simultaneously? Always confirm your photography vendor can arrange a reliable team of photographers. Working with clients such as Bank of America, Orange Photography provided coverage in five states over a three-month period to cover its Awards of Excellence conferences. Make sure the photography company you choose can cover events as small or large, as your needs.

From the smallest details, to the largest clients, you want photography from that night to be stunning. Even if you simply need candid photos of an event, make sure you get photographers who can take any space, any venue, and make it a work of art. Ask for portfolios. Check to see their style, breadth of venue coverage, and which type of services they have offered past clients. For example, the San Jose Museum of Art chose to shoot private events, and they wanted Orange Photography to create a promotional book for marketing the venue. It is important to establish a relationship with a photography company that can work with you on a range of projects.

And after the party? Photography coverage doesn’t stop when the party ends. You need excellent customer service. You want a company that can provide options like web slideshows, portfolio books, customized online galleries, and even customer support to help you create client presentations. When researching a company, ask about their post-event products, services and turn-around time.

Photography stays with the client and is a reflection of the success of your planning. Ideally, an event planner wants one source they can rely on. When you find that perfect company, you will create an invaluable professional relationship.